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Flames Cheer Fall 2022

be a part of one of our ica championship teams! Competition Teams are in for a full season for grades 1-8. All teams are able to stubt once again!

game cheer teams are open for grades K-6.  

get ready for a fun season of lz flames cheer!

here is an overview of how our Cheer season will look:

  • ALL COMPETITON TEAMS WILL PRACTICE ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS.  Flames Cheer has a HOME GYM at Formula 1 Cheer located at 65 Oakwood Rd.  Game Cheer may practice at Knox Park depending on the size of the team. 
  •   2x per week for 2 hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays with  a third  on Fridays once or twice a month (Inferno will practice every Friday)  beginning the 2nd week of August. This Season lasts about 20 weeks. All Competition Teams also cheer at 4 Saturday Football Games.
  • OPTIONAL DAY CAMP: We are attending the IRCA Camp Castaway at Carthage College from June  13-15.  This camps is optional and not part of the standard season registration fee.  The cost of camp is $400 per athlete and includes your camp attire.
  • COMPETITIONS:  Flames will participate in  3 competitions . Teams that qualify will also participate in the State Championship. Please note that the $155 registration fee for State is NOT included in the regular season registration fee. If your child's team qualifies for State you will need to pay the $155 State registration fee.
    • Saturday, September 24th at NIU Convocation Center, DeKalb
    • Sunday, October 23rd at Dundee Crown High School, Carpentersville
    • Sunday, November 6th at West Aurora High School, Aurora
    • December 2nd-4th:  State Championship NIU Convocation Center, DeKalb

Tumbling More Important Than Ever!

 We strongly suggest that every athlete registered for Cheer at any level take tumbling classes on their own.   There are several excellent gyms in the area that will provide group or private classes.  These classes are not required  and are at an additional cost to the family.  

CHOREOGRAPHY:  All competition teams are REQUIRED TO ATTEND CHOREOGRAPHY.  We are allowed 12 hours of professional choreography per team.  It is imperative that the whole team is present.  Missing choreography could potentially change or eliminate your athlete's position.  They will still be in the routine, but their spot or position may be changed.  Please mark the following dates for choreography:

*Choreography will take place at Formula 1 Cheer Gym in Lake Zurich.  These dates may change per the gym availability.  Ample notice will be given in case of a change*

Flare (Grades 2-3):  July 19th & 21st from 9-11am, July 26th & 28th from2-5pm. Optional Team practice on Friday, July 22nd from 10am-12pm

*Season Practice will be Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:00 with 1 Friday per month 5:30-6:30 *

Blaze (Grades4-5): July 19th & 21st from 11:30-2:30 and July 26th & 28th from 11:30-1:30. Optional team practice on Friday July 22nd from 10-12

*Season Practice will be Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:30 with 2 Fridays per month 5:30-7:00*

Inferno (Grades6-8): July 19th & 21st from 3-6pm, July 26th & 28th from 9-11am. Optional practice Friday July 22nd from 10-12   *Season Practice  will be Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8:30 and  Fridays 5:00-7:00*

***Competition teams will ultimately be based on registration numbers NOT grade level.  Some teams may have one grade level instead of 2 or 3 if the registration allows.  In that case a new team will be created***

**Practice starts for all Competitive Teams on Tuesday, August 9th**


IGNITE- Game Cheer 2nd-6th Grades Will practice 2x a week  for 1 hour and will begin the second week of Auguston Tuesday, August 9th.  Games will be once a week on Saturdays or Sundays.  Times will vary based on the number of games at Knox Park. The Season lasts about 15 weeks (playoffs determine the length of the season).  Ignite will be divided into two Teams.  Grades 2nd-3rd and Grades 4th-6th

Practice will be Tuesday & Thursday from 5:00-6:00 at Knox Park

5th -6th Grade Athletes registered for Game Cheer are invited and encouraged to attend the IRCA camp listed above in Competition Cheer. It's a great way to get back into cheer, build new skills and connect with their teammates.


SPARKS: KINDERGARTEN-1ST GRADE GAME CHEER:  Sparks has a 12 week Season beginning August 2nd.  They will practice once per week for 1 hour and Cheer every Sunday.  Practice will be Tuesday nights from 6:00-7:00 at Knox Park.  Sparks is a great way to introduce your child to the Flames Cheer Program.  This team will learn how to do proper Cheer Jumps and Motions and learn the majority of Flames Sideline Cheers.  Cheer Dances will be taught and performed along with beginner Stunts. The uniform for Sparks is provided by the Flames along with a game and practice bow.  Plain white gym shoes are required and not provided.  

UNIFORMS: All uniforms are bought by the participant with the exception of  Sparks.  Game Cheer and Competition Cheer will need to purchase their own uniform.   The fitting is scheduled for Wednesday,  May 25th from 5:00pm-8pm.  Details to follow.

*Game Cheer Fitting at Knox Park 5:00-6:30. Game Cheer needs to purchase the skirt only for $100.60.  A game day tank will be provided through your registration fee.

* Competition Cheer Fitting at Knox Park 6:30-8:00. Competition Teams need to purchase a full uniform for $220.00.  A game day tank will be provided through your registration fee.

*Sparks will rent their uniform from Flames.  They will be fitted on Wednesday, May 25th also.  A $100 deposit check for the uniform will be required.  The check will only be cashed if the uniform is not returned.

PRACTICE ATTIRE: Practice Shirts and bows will be provided through your registration.

SHOES: All athletes must purchase their own shoes.  Shoes must be clean and white. 

WARM UPS:  Full warm ups are no longer required.  We ask all cheerleaders to purchase the Flames Cheer Jacket.  This will be worn in colder weather with black leggings. *Flash will purchase the Flames hoodie instead*

We are looking for parents who want to get involved with coaching and leading practices. There are many ways to be involved: head coach, assistant coach, spotter, specialty coach, leading warmups and conditioning, etc. You do not need to be a cheer expert to be a coach. Please reach out to Nicole Schultes to learn how you can be involved!



We're so excited our Flames Cheer program has grown by leaps and bounds. We love seeing so many athletes in the program. But more cheerleaders means more coaches, assistant coaches, and junior coaches! If you're interested in being involved with coaching, don't worry, training will be provided! Please reach out and let us know what interests you. Contact Nicole Schultes at

Cheerleading Links

The links below are for programs that support the Lake Zurich Flames Cheer Program.  We thank them for their continued support.

Lake Zurich Flames Cheerleading Program

Nicole Schultes

Cheer Director


The Spring Season is a Competition only Season.  Spring will run from January 18th- May 10th roughly.  Exact dates will be announced once they are finalized by the ICA. Spring Season will consist of 3 Competitions with a Final Cheer Madness Event that runs in a one-day Tournament format.  The Cheer Madness event is included in your registration. It is very fun and exciting for the athletes.  

Practice will begin on Tuesday, January 18th at Formula 1 Cheer in Lake Zurich.   Each team is allowed 12 hours of professional choreography.  We ask that all athletes be present for choreography.  The schedule for choreography is listed below for each team.

The teams for Spring will be determined based on registration numbers. For now, the Teams will be as follows:

Flash: Kindergarten- 1st Grade.  Flash will be limited to 16 athletes.  Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00

Choreography dates and times :

Sunday, January 23rd: 8am-11am

Saturday, January 29th: 8am-11am

Sunday, January 30th: 8am-11am

The remaining choreography will take place at practice as needed.

Flare: 2nd-3rd Grade.  Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-6:00. 

Choreography dates and times:

Sunday, January 23rd: 12pm-4pm

Saturday, January 29th: 4pm-7pm

Sunday, January 30th: 12pm-3pm

The remaining choreography will take place at practice as needed.

Blaze: 4th-5th Grade: Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday form 5:00-7:00 and two Fridays per month from 5:00-6:30  

Chorography dates and times:

Sunday, January 30th: 3pm-6pm

Tuesday, January 25th: 6pm-8pm

Tuesday, February 1st: 6pm-8pm

Saturday, February 12th: 8am-11am

The remaining choreography will take place at practice as needed.

Inferno: 6th-7th Grade. Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8:30 and Friday from 5:00-7:00.  

Choreography dates and times:

Tuesday, February 8th: 6pm-8pm

Saturday, February 12th: 3pm-7pm

Sunday, February 13th: 8am-12pm

The remaining choreography will take place at practice as needed.


*All teams will practice the Friday before Competition for at least one hour*

Cost: Spring Cheer will cost $650.  That covers choreography, 3 competitions, rental space, music and practice wear.

Uniforms: Flash uniforms will be provided and a deposit of $100 is required.   All other uniforms need to be bought at the parent/guardian expense. You will be invited to purchase a used uniform via a Facebook Group once you are registered.

Practice Wear:  All athletes will be provided with a practice bow, practice t shirts and Competition bow from their registration fee.  They will need to wear plain black shorts to every practice along with white no show socks.  The shorts and socks will be at the parent/guardian expense.

Additional Costs: Cheer shoes will be required.  They are at the expense of the parent/guardian and cost between $40-120

Spring Registration is open from November 22- January 7th. 

Nicole Schultes

Cheer Director