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Youth Football & Cheerleading in the Lake Zurich Area

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    Email Issues

    Are you not getting Flames Emails? This time of year we rely heavily on email to share information including same day cancelations of equipment handout and practices. It's critical that you are receiving our emails. We use a 3rd party service to make sure we adhere to spam and unsubscribe laws of today.
    Please make sure you have not opted out from our email list. If you have please re-register here.
    Also make sure you check your spam filters on your cell phone, email clients, and web based email and make sure to add us to your address book to ensure emails are coming throught.
    We do not monitor the sending address but you can reach any board member via email through our board page.
    Thanks for your help in making sure you stay informed and up to speed on everything happeing with the Lake Zurich Flames.

    TCYFL Site

    Schedules, Field Locations

    Welcome to the Lake Zurich Flames Web Site!

    2018 brings a few new faces to our board, wonderful enthusiasm and a continued drive to support our storied traditions over the past 45 years.

    Safety First, ALWAYS!

    The Lake Zurich Flames is a Heads Up Football organization. Your child's safety is ALWAYS our first priority.

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