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About the Lake Zurich Flames

Flames Tradition Runs Deep in Northern Illinois Football


Founded in the early 1970s by volunteer fireman, the Lake Zurich Flames has one of the longest running youth football traditions in Northeast Illinois.

With programs ranging from our Sparks flag football league, to in-house and competitive cheerleading programs, to every rank of tackle football, the Lake Zurich Flames is an organization dedicated to instilling self-confidence, healthy competition, and respect for teammates and competitors alike. In fact, the Flames was ranked as the No. 1 program in the TCYFL by its peers in 2009.

The Flames participate in the TCYFL which is the largest independent youth tackle football league in the United States.



“The Lake Zurich Flames Youth Football Organization is committed to teaching the fundamentals of football and cheerleading which includes sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, fair play, character building, and above all else, FUN. In order to achieve these goals, parents, staff and the administration must be role models by example in their conduct and stay within the boundaries of good sportsmanship and fair play. With fulfillment of these goals, all participants will leave the program with a strong sense of self confidence and self respect for the betterment of the youth and our community.”




Here is what the Flames looked like back in 1975!

Flames Football Reaches Back To Honor Roots

In 1974 a group of volunteer firefighters started the Flames Football organization. What started out as a 2 team organization wearing purple jerseys based off of the Minnesota Vikings has turned into one of the best youth football and cheer programs in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

Originally, the Flames started with just a heavyweight and lightweight teams. We have grown over the years and now offer football at 5 levels including a very active flag program as well as cheerleading.

With our recent changes in the uniform and a transition to the royal blue as our base color, we thought it was import to keep the long time tradition of where the Flames came from. To honor our history, the board has worked hard to ensure that we carried our history and background as we move to the future. In releasing these new logos that incorporate the base design of the fireman's badge, we feel that that history will live on for years to come.